Our Experience

The Project

SWS Ltd are shopfitters based in Plymouth who has been established for over 25 years. They provide a custom service, offering complete re-fits to offices, hotels, restaurants, bars, military establishments and more.

SWS currently have a site online which needed to be updated to help showcase more of their work and provide a layout that would feature more imagery with less content. It was required that the system is customised, allowing content to be added easily and quickly.

Requirements / Current Issues

  • Ability to quickly add new case studies
  • Ability to add new images to the site without having to compress or cut them beforehand
  • Ability to be able to add new sections and project types when required

The Solution

Our solution is a custom designed and developed WordPress theme, which is fully bespoke. This allows the platform to be easily extended when needed, future proofing the solution. The bespoke solution offers different types of sections in the WordPress backend, allowing for data to be easily entered on customised pages. These sections also allow for clear data segregation that can be surfaced on different pages when needed, without having to duplicate content.

It was important that the custom sections had were built to allow the user to easily fill out the page without confusion or the ability to add incorrect information.

When creating a page, it was important for the client to be able to manage the order of elements and which elements should appear. Because of this, we’ve developed a simple page builder, which allows the user to add elements quickly, giving them flexibility over how the page is ordered and looks, taking away the requirement for a developer to make changes.

It was required that the site is designed in a way that gave it a more sleek and modern feel, which incorporated the company’s branding.