Our Experience

The Project

The National Autism Society is the leading UK charity based in London for autistic people and their families, providing support and services and campaigning for a better world for autistic people.

The National Autism Society approached Docunetic with a requirement to move from their existing Drupal platform to the latest version of Telligent Community. A key requirement was to maintain similar branding to that of their current platform as their target audience has a preference to deal with change in incremental steps.


Requirements and Issues

  • Create an export/import routine to copy data from one content management system to another.
  • Implement Telligent Community 10.1
  • Create a custom analytics module
  • Apply a custom National Autism Society branding
  • Provide training
  • Provide ongoing support.



National Autism Society was successfully migrated to Telligent Community 10.1 from Drupal and saw a healthy increase in community engagement post-migration.