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Announcing Availability of SharePoint Server 2019 Preview

Microsoft has announced the availability of both SharePoint Server 2019 Preview and Project Server 2019 Preview.

Microsoft has been working hard to get this out to you and we know that you’ve been waiting patiently since we announced that it was coming.  This is a long post, but there is a lot of important information so if you want to jump in and install the preview I really encourage you to read it completely.

SharePoint Server 2019 represents a whole new generation of SharePoint.

SharePoint Server 2019 is built on the strong foundation of SharePoint Server 2016 – which continues to see great momentum in customer adoption.  We’ve been busy since its launch at Ignite 2016 drawing insights from your feedback and product telemetry to make this release even better.

We also spent a lot of time with customers to understand the future challenges and where the industry is going.

Since we’re building SharePoint Server 2019 to be the same core platform for SharePoint Online as we did with SharePoint Server 2016, it should be no surprise that you see similarities between the two.  For you, SharePoint Server 2019 unlocks new, modern experiences for users, that are both intuitive and familiar.  For IT Professionals, improved performance and scale with simplified management, and for Developers an opportunity to build for cloud or on-premises – SharePoint Server 2019 embodies what our customers demand and what we will deliver.  What we’re sharing today is just a fraction of what will be in SharePoint 2019!